A Stay full of Events

The monastery town and its sights are a much liked tourist attraction. 

You may visit
 - the historical monastery and the museum "Monks and students".  Part of the guided tours are  the monastery church, the cloister, the cloister garden, the dormitory, the calefactorium, and the new organ.

 - the Brewery museum - Visitors get an insight in the traditional fine art of brewing beer.

- the Municipal history museum - Here you learn about the town's history, how people earned their living in the past and how everyday life was at that time

- the glass blowing workshop<> - Visitors can look  over the master's shoulder.

- the confectionery's showroom - here the Alpirsbach beer chocolate is made.

- After having seen the city visitors may stop in the Spa garden to admire the beautiful flowers.

- Hikers will love the nature reserve Glaswald/Glaswiesen.

The monastery in summertime
for a single person
Landscape with lake