Brewery Museum

The Museum of the Alpirsbach Klosterbräu brewery gives visitors an insight in the traditional fine art of brewing beer. The brewing process as well as the development of brewing are presented by means of manifold exhibits.

The brewhouse:
Many images present the work in the former brewery. You can only guess how pride the brewer is when you look over his shoulder while he is filtering the brew.

The bottling station:
In one of the cellars, the visitors can watch the cellarer filling 1 liter bottles using a manual filling machine from 1905.

Guided tours:
The visitors of the brewery museum are not left alone during their journey in the past. The tours are always guided. The museum counted 18,500 visitors last year.

The Alpirsbach brewery offers guided tours in English and French, too.

Brew kettle in the brewery museum

Upon request, we are also pleased to prepare special tours for disabled visitors of the brewery museum. For the very first time, a group of blind people visited our museum. The visitors were specifically asked to feel, taste, smell and touch the exhibits. By doing so, they could experience the world of beer and the art of brewery.

The guided museum tours take place daily at 2.30 p.m. 
Meeting point: Information center of the brewery.

For further information on the museum and the Alpirsbach brewing world: