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Over 900 years of history turned to stone

The over 900 year former Benedictine Monastery located in the picturesque Kinzig Valley in Northern Black Forest is one of Southwest Germany's 11th century's Reformatory Monasteries and an impressive example of the Cluniac reform architecture.

View of the Monastery

The imposing building complex made of red sand stone dominates the center of Alpirsbach as a witness of a bygone era, that of deep piety in the Middle Ages, of political and social upheavals during the Reformation right up to Secularization. The Monastery has remained a place of worship used both by the Evangelical and the Catholic congregations.



Floor plan


The late Gothic cloister rebuilt at the end of the 15th century gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the silence of this medieval vault or one of the nationwide renowned Cloister concerts in summer.

Information center
The over 900 year Monastery is a widely known unique monument. The Monastery Church information center contains testimonies of the time of the Monastery foundation by the Benedictines in 1905, an experience of pure history.

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View of Alpirsbach Monastery Alpirsbach Monastery Audience at a Cloister concert
Monastery hallway Monastery hallway Church interior

Concerts of the choir and worship services of Ev. congregation are held in the Monastery Church. 

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Germany's first mobile organ ORGAN SCULPTURE

Monastery Church

Information center / Monastery Museum "Monks and Scholars"


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