Second Alpirsbach tour around the reservoir

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Tar 19%          Gravel 74%               Trail 7% 
39 km                Time 2.25                      height difference 620

Very beautiful tour through the Karlsquelle nature reserve, through the open valleys and wooded heights around Alpirsbach and to the drinking water reservoir Kleine Kinzig. Enjoy the wonderful calm and the clear, pure waters of the region without disturbance.

How to get to the starting point:
on the A-road B294 in the center of Alpirsbach cross the furthest southwestern of the three railway crossings. The starting point is directly on your left behind the crossing, on the small parking lot opposite the house „Krähenbad-Strasse 16“.

 Equipment:       Speedometer that displays number of kilometers traveled per day         

 KM 0                height difference 448 Time 0.00
We'll walk the first 100 meters alongside the one-way road opposite direction of traffic towards Löwenpost hotel and there reach a street that we'll follow left ← past the Town Hall. After 600 m straight on ↑  (not left to Sulzberg, Reinerzau)

 KM 0.75           height difference 480 Time 0.04
At the bifurcation slightly turn left direction ← Glaswald/Karlsquelle. The forest path is not far off. After 250 m straight ↑ (not right) then follow the ever steeper forest path. KM 1.15 at the bifurcation left in direction of Karlsquelle (yellow route) always along the idyllic stream Alpirsbächle. KM 2.4 we drive past the barbecue at the Karlsquelle spring which always invites to linger and rest.

 KM 2.5 height difference 604 Time 0.15
Junction above the Karlsquelle. Cross the path straight on ↑ direction Moosweg/Kapf (yellow route).  After 700 m take the branch-off left ← (not straight on) direction Heilenberg/Kapf and follow the ever steeper path. KM 3.5 at the junction cross the forest path straight ↑ in direction of Heilenberghütte/Metzgerstraße. The path now gets steeper. KM 4.0 straight ↑ (yellow route) (not left)

After 100 m we'll reach the Heilenberghütte and after 100 m the bifurcation li  ←          (black/red Route)  (not right) 

 KM 5.8 height difference 727 Time 0.33
At the Blasenbuchhütte. Straight on ↑, (do not follow one of both branch-offs on the left)  after 50 m through the right bend → then follow the slightly ascending path always in the direction of Schömberg. (not left)

KM 7.0 straight on ↑ (not left)  KM 7.1 straight on ↑ (not right)  (yellow route).  KM 8.4 straight on ↑ (not right)

KM 8.8  the forest path turns to a small tarred road at the edge of the woods ↑.  At KM 9.5 we'll reach a road and follow the latter on the right  → direction downtown.

 KM 9.8 height difference 744 Time 0.47
Roundabout.  Leave at the 3rd exit, follow the road 400 m up to the right bend. Leave the road straight ↑ on the small tarred road towards the edge of the woods in direction of Ödenwald/Hinterrötenberg (not right) .

Follow the small road into the woods (yellow route).  KM 11.6 in the left bend leave the tarred branch-off on the right, after 50 m right → turn on the forest path at the forest parking lot in direction of Huttenbächle/Stausee (yellow route) . KM 12.3 at the junction cross the forest path straight ↑ in direction of Huttenbächle/Stausee and follow the path downhill. KM 12.7 straight ↑ (not right, not left)  at KM 13.1 we'll reach a forest path and continue left  ← downhill in direction of the dam  (yellow route).

 KM 14.0           height difference 630 Time 1.00
Circular route around the reservoir. Left ← the forest path in direction of the dam, clockwise around the reservoir.

KM 15.4  right → across the dam, at the end of the dam right → always follow the path around the reservoir.

KM 19.2 at the back end of the reservoir right  → on the bridge and follow the circular path around the reservoir.

After 300 m straight on ↑ always follow this path.

KM 20.3           height difference 632 Time 1.19
At a big junction (almost at the end of the circular path around the reservoir) straight on ↑ on the evenly ascending tarred path in direction of Huttenbachhangstraße.

(not right to the reservoir, not sharp left in direction of Stumpenplatz)  KM 23.4 at the end of the tarred path we'll reach a forest path which we'll follow straight on ↑ .  KM 24.1 through the right bend in direction of Ghs Steinwald (not straight uphill, not sharp left downhill) KM 24.8 we reach a road which we'll follow right  → in direction of Ghs Steinwald.

 KM 25.2           height difference 810 Time 1.39
Forest parking lot near Ghs Steinwald. We leave the road and keep to the right → on the large forest path in direction of Schömberg. KM 26.5 slightly left ← on the forest path in direction of Schömberg (not right)

Attention, do not miss the exit at KM 26.8 at the Baumscheibenhütte left ← on the forest path (yellow route)   KM 27.1  at the elevated tank straight on (yellow route).  KM 27.7 left ← in direction of Ödenwald  (black/red route)  

KM 27.9 we reach the road and continue in direction of Lossburg. After 200 m right before the bridge right → follow the single trail.

Attention:  if you want to avoid the trail of average level of difficulty, follow the alternative route from here on.

Alternative route from KM 28.1
if you want to avoid the single trail of average difficulty, follow the road through the valley, across the bridge through the S-curve, then 200 m uphill. At KM 28.5. past Adrionshof in the woods.

KM 30.5           height difference 750 Time 1.55          
At the edge of the woods in the valley leave the road right→ and follow the small tarred road slightly downhill in direction of Lossburg (yellow route) .  After 500 m bifurcation at the small bench follow the path slightly right→ in direction of Ladig Gedenkstein (Kinzig Valley cycle route)  (not sharp right). After 500 m straight on (not right) After 1 km follow this main path through the right bend. After 600 m we'll reach the Lohmühlenhütte.
(keep sharp left before the cottage)  ←        
Now follow the description from km 30 on

Description from KM 30.0
Single trail: Direction Schömberger Hang/Alpirsbach (yellow route)  KM 29.8 at the end of the trail left  ← across the bridge until the barbecue.

 KM 30.0           height difference 590 Time 1.58
Lochmühlenhütte. Right path in direction of Ehlenbogen (yellow route)  →.  KM 31.0 we'll reach a small tarred road that we'll follow uphill ↑.  KM 31.8 twice right  → →across the bridges and then follow the Kinzig down the valley.

Now always follow the signposting „Flösserpfad“ and „Kinzigtal-Radweg“. At KM 34.5 we'll stop for a hearty snack at Vogtsmichelhof and at KM 34.7 at „untere Mühle“.

 KM 36.9           height difference 468 time 2.16
Near the campground. At the road bifurcation the branch-off on the right → in direction of Alpirsbach (not signposting cycle route!!) The small road soon turns into a forest path. After 400 m leave the forest path left ← and follow the path in direction of Alpirsbach (blue route, Flösserpfad) .  KM 37.8 in Alpirsbach we'll reach the A-road and keep to the right → direction downtown. After 100 m right → on the little tarred path. KM 38.5 we'll reach the A-road again and keep to the right → through the underpass, up to Schulhausberg. KM 38.6 the road left ← downhill in direction of the Monastery. After 200 m just near the Café am Kloster left  ← downhill to the Ambrosius-Blarer-Platz. Right in front of the hotel Löwen-Post right → and after 100 m we'll reach the starting point.

Height profile




tour of average difficulty with moderate climbs.    Suitable for mountain bike.