Mid-mountain Tour

We will find meadows, cultivated open land, and unique panoramic views of the Kinzig valley during the mid-mountain tour.

How to get to the starting point:
Driving on the B294, cross the most south-western of the three railroad crossings in the center of Alpirsbach. The tour starts at the small parking opposite the Krähenbad-Strasse 16 (at the left hand side immediately after the crossing).


Tar 9%         Gravel 84%                       Trail 7% 
19 km        Time 1.50             height difference 546

KM 0                height difference 448             Time 0.00
Along the Krähenbadstrasse in direction of the stationFollow the bending road → up the hill after about 350 m. straight on for 0.66 km ↑ (there is a junction on the right).

  0.7 km             height difference 470 m             time 0.04

When you reach the parking at the double fork, take the narrow road that becomes steeper. Go straight on in direction of the ↑ dog training ground. (neither sharp left, nor right in direction of the sports ground).
We will find the Krähenbad well which is one of the most sodium-poor wells in South Germany on our right after 1.3 km.

  1.4 km             height difference 540 m            time 0.11
Turn sharp right when you reach a small hill with a wonderful panoramic view of Alpirsbach. The road becomes a forest road after a couple of meters. Follow it hill up.(do not turn sharp left after 50 m) (do not turn right after 1.6 km).

 1.7 km             height difference 590 m            time 0.15
Turn left in direction ← Nollenberg (blue route, yellow background). We pass the beautiful location of the Jägerbrunnen (hunting fountain) after 200 m.
Turn right after 2.6 km just before reaching the Elmebrunnen and follow the steep forest road. (blue route on yellow)

3.2 km             height difference 560             time 0.21

We reach a tarred road at the Nollenberg, keep left ← , turn right after 20 m → and follow the small road above several houses. (S19) Follow the road when it turns left ← between the houses after 200 m. The road becomes a cart track. At 3.8 km, it becomes a path between meadows which we follow along the edge of the woods. Keep right → directly in front of the deerstand after 4.0 km and follow the edge of the woods. The path becomes a tarred one after 4.4 km. Follow it downhills. Turn right → into the forest road in direction of Schenkenzell in the left-hand bend after 4.6 km. Turn right → into a small road after 200 m.

5.4 km            height difference 425 m            time 0,30
We reach a small road and follow it downhills for 1.4 km (yellow route).  After 6.8 km , take the footpath immediately after the Schlössle-Stube and follow it straight in direction of the through road. Cross the through road and follow the Hansjakobstraße. Turn left ← at the end of Hansjakobstraße and then right → and follow the creek.

7.5 km             height difference 364             time 0.36
In Schenkenzell: cross the Kinzig bridge on the left ← in direction of Spannstadtstraße and then turn left ← again passing by the fire station. Take the subway and turn left ← . Follow the street straight on ↑ at km 7.8 . Turn right in direction of Löchlehof after 8.1 km. The road becomes a cart track and goes up the hill. Follow this track for  1.3 km.
(do not turn left at km 8.8)  (do not turn right at km 8.9).
We follow the tarred road on the right uphill → after 9.4 km .

9.6 km             height difference 560 m             time 0,55

When you reach the junction, turn left ← into the forest road in direction Fräulinsberg (black red route) Go straight on ↑ after 100 m (house) at the double fork (black red route) and follow the forest road. (do not turn right at km 10.2)
Turn right → in direction of Fräulinsberg after 11.4 km.

 12.2 km           height difference 532 m             time 1.06
Fräulinsberg: Follow the right-hand tarred road → (Rö 11) to the two big farms.
(do not turn sharp right Rö 9,  nor left). Turn right → (at the farms) after 200 m (black red route). Follow the forest road in direction Alpirsbach. Up the hill on the right → at km 13.3 (black red route). Follow the cart track on the right uphill after 13.5 km (black red route). Turn left after leaving the forest and follow the path between meadows.

 14.3 km           height difference 530 m             time 1.18
Alpirsbach Adelsberg. After reaching a forest road, turn left ← in direction Alpirsbach. Turn right → in the small tarred road after 50 m. Leave the road at the edge of the woods after 14.8 km. Follow the cart track on the left ← downhill. (do not turn left after 100 m) ↑ . We turn left ← into a tarred road and cross the bridge. Follow the road on the left ← for about 300 m.

16 km           height difference 447 m             time 1.23
Leave the road at the outdoor swimming pool turning right → and follow the bending road in direction Dieboldsberg. Go straight on uphill ↑ at km 16.4. The road becomes a narrow tarred one. Follow it uphill.

After reaching a large right bend(near the last two houses), turn into the steeple cart track which leads uphill in the forest.

After reaching a forest road at km 16.9, we turn left ← (yellow route).

17.7 km           height difference 580 m             time 1.40
Leave the forest road at 50 m after the refuge. Turn left ← into the Single Trail (very steep) and follow it downhill in direction Alpirsbach. Cross the forest road after 200 m and go straight on. We reach a cart track after another 200m. Turn left ← and follow it downhill (passes through meadows). We reach a tarred road after 18.4 km. Turn right → and go downhill. Turn left ← after 200 m (in the town) and cross the historical "Muggelbruck". Turn left ← into the Friedrich-Widmann-Straße after 50 m. Turn right → into the Alleen-Straße after 200m. Cross the through road 294 and the railroad crossing.
We are back at the starting point.

 Description of the Mid-mountain Tour

short tour of medium difficulty due to partly steep ascents

suited for mountain bikes