Black Forest Water Path

The water path is located in the picturesque and still valley Kleine Kinzig near Reinerzau.

You will find 34 boards providing information on water and related to water along the path. Water ecology, aquatic animals and plants, spring lines and springs, cirque cutting, water meadows, water and forest, drinking water supply, water quality control.

Added to this facilities such as information pavilion, ream, rafter binding and raft, spring measurement and water wheel, biotope pond and water, water, water....

Water path


following the course of the signpost "Wasserpfad": from the parking lot in the bottom of the valley along the Kleine Kinzig till the waterworks of the Association Kleine Kinzig. From there right to the dam, cross the latter after the dam turn left onto the path through the woods (Burgstaller Weg) back to the parking lot for hikers.
Distance: approximately 6 km

Possibility of extension: from the dam you can walk around the reservoir on the edge path.
Total distance: approx. 12 km

Special notes:
strollers can be used on the water path.

Instructions have to be followed in case the path is blocked for forestry work. Danger of death!

Water path pavilion
Funded by. Schwarzwaldverein (Black Forest Association) Alpirsbach
Children on the water path

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